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Strong Factory Tukaha BJJ Prices

Gym and BJJ Class Membership

Full Gym Access and all Weekly BJJ Classes for $30

Non Gym Member Casual Classes

$20 a Class for Non Gym Members

Gym Member 11 BJJ Class Concession Card

Gym Members get 11 Classes for $100

Non Gym Members 6 Class BJJ Concession Card

$100 for 6 BJJ Class Concession Card members

Testimonials from Members

of the Strong Family New Lynn
  • Been going to The Strong Factory New Lynn since the beginning. Perfect for Strength and conditioning training for athletes and those who are looking for fresh ways to get fitter and stronger. Everyone there is friendly and respectful, no judges, no show offs. Going in alone or with a team - The Strong Factory is a great place to work out.

    Steven Huish
  • Epic gym to train at, heaps of options to customise your workout and they have the gear that is what I need to train. I even go out of my way to train there because it has such good gym equipment, not to mention the well trained staff at hand any time you need them! Highly recommend you try it for yourself!

    Isaac Fransen
  • I joined The Strong Factory New Lynn a little over a year ago with one goal, drop from a chubby 87kg to a lean 80kg while staying strong. Dan and the guys offered endless advice and alternatives to get there and in 6 months I hit my goal! I've spent years at the likes of les mils on the treadmills and machines and gotten nowhere so was amazed at the results I acheived at Strong Factory. The mix of conventional and alternative lifting aparatus will mean you never get bored and the atmosphere is like a brotherhood, none of that juicer ego shit going on. Get down there and GET SOME!

    Cameron Conlan
  • I've tried a few gyms over the years but none really seemed to stick. This gym is pretty unique, they've got all the gear you'll need (ain't no body got time for treadmills) but more importantly the other members are ace - you become mates, you all have a laugh and then support each other while you're all hitting max lifts. Since joining The Strong Factory New Lynn in October 2014 I've become the strongest and most confident I've been in my life. I'm hitting some big lifts that I definitely wouldn't have at other gyms. If you're wanting to become the strongest version of yourself I cannot recommend Dan and the crew at Strong Factory enough.

    Josh Lindsay
  • What a great Gym, The StrongFactory New Lynn has a no bullsh!t atmosphere. The Staff and members are friendly and helpful, everyone is trying to attain their goals but will stop and take the time to help you achieve yours. Everyone is made to feel welcome here no matter if you are zero or hero. The equipment is high quality and forever changing and improving, The environment is a post industrial ghetto chic. Suggestions by members are taken seriously by management and often acted upon. Go here. You wont regret it.

    Carl Pamplin