Meet The Team

The team here at the Strong Factory are experts in health and fitness and are always around to help you out from advice, a spot or personal training, our team has it covered

Daniel Brinkly

Director of the Strong Factory

I am the proud owner and director of Strong Factory and this gym is my dream come true.
Coming from a background of martial arts and fighting in which I competed in Karate in which I have a second Dan black belt and Thai boxing with Strike Force which I first started with when I was 13 I wanted a place where I could go and throw stuff around, make some noise and most importantly where there was a community feel where everyone helped each other out with advice and encouragement.
There was no where like what I wanted so I decided I had to build it and after nearly 2 years I'm stoked to see that people were looking for the same thing I was.
When I'm in the gym I enjoy training pretty much everything from power lifting to strongman to calisthenics and everything else in between.
When I'm not in the gym I spend my time relaxing with friends and family, surfing, downhill mountain biking, watching sports, friends fight or sports teams we sponsor play..
I succeed because i am willing to do what others won't

Our Personal Trainers

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Gareth Ealey

Gareth Ealey
I believe that training is about the client and what they want to get out of training.
- Martial arts/Boxing training
- Olympic lifting.
- Improving cardio & Weight loss

Cameron Redman

Cameron Redman
My expertise in training is in powerlifting and strength and conditioning for athletes, I also offer general fitness training through circuits and pad work.
- Strength & Conditioning.
- Circuit Training.
- Power Lifting.